Certified Yoga Instructor

Celeste brings a lifelong practice of healthy living, nutrition, and strength training to her students. She owes this to her father, a pioneer chiropractor.  After a childhood near-death polio illness, he trained to achieve to become Mr. America and inspired thousands to the whole body health concept. She draws on his principles each and everyday.

Celeste started to practice yoga to blend her healthy living with a dedication to mindful exercise. She retired early from being an airline pilot. She found yoga helped her overcome the constraints from back stenosis, living with Lyme disease and Fibromyalgia. Feeling better, she was able to accept her limitations and move beyond them. She feels yoga saved her life and wants to share the gifts yoga brought to her healing life.

Her teaching encourages a strong body, mind, and open heart. She guides her students to a place of self-acceptance, to move through life with more confidence, ease and feeling better.

Celeste received her teaching certificate from Lotus Gardens under the guidance of Lara Ward. She offers individualized yoga sessions.