Pamela Picard, a Certified Medical Reiki Master™ and Reiki Master Teacher, has been practicing in Connecticut and New York for more than 7 years. Her journey in life has made her a loving wife and mother of two amazing boys. In 2008, her youngest son was diagnosed with Brain Cancer. Shortly after his first surgery, they found out his tumor was filled with Lyme Disease. After two surgeries within a six-month period, a pic-line to the heart with two antibiotics that cross the brain barrier and radiation treatments, Pamela’s son was finally on his way to a stable recovery. During that time, her connection to God’s loving light through lots of prayer gave her direction to his healing path. This experience opened Pamela’s heart to a greater power of helping people heal through Reiki, meditation, and food! Since his recovery, she has completed studies in Usui Reiki, receiving a Reiki Master Teacher Certificate, Medical Reiki Master™ Certificate, Science & Art of Herbalism Certificate and Light Touch Massage studies at Yale New Haven Hospital.

Be sure to give yourself a self-care session with Pamela and see how energy medicine can benefit you and your well-being. Pam offers Medical Reiki™ Sessions, and Reiki Balancing Sessions, along with Light Touch Massage and Personalized Mental Imagery Meditations. Call 203-775-1819 to make an appointment.

Health and Happiness,