Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a gentle form of bodywork that optimizes the performance of the lymphatic system, an important part of our immune system. It works to encourage the natural movement of lymph fluid. In addition to improving lymphatic circulation, MLD also increases blood flow in deep and superficial veins.

Originally developed to treat sinusitis, MLD is useful in treating a wide variety of issues such as lymphedema, allergies and headaches. Research suggests that a series of pre- and post-surgery sessions can help speed up healing and reduce inflammation. The therapy can also be adjusted for pregnant clients, giving expectant mothers the benefit of a boosted immune system while helping to manage swelling.

This protocol in combination with Nutrition Counseling with one of our Certified Dietitian-Nutritionists, as well as an individualized supplement program, will put you on the path of being migraine free.

Meet Our Massage Therapist Who is Certified in Manual Lymph Drainage