Acupuncture is a system of healing. Chris Chapleau, our Licensed Acupuncturist, will insert tiny needles into points in your body to bring about physiological change. These acupuncture points conduct the vital energy of the body known as Qi.  Disruptions in this energy flow can cause pain or illness. Acupuncture corrects these imbalances and rarely causes side effects.

Acupuncture can be considered one of the most effective therapies available to stimulate the nervous system. My goal is to successfully integrate acupuncture as an adjunctive modality to other wellness services offered at Healthy Weighs to enhance the quality of treatment given to patients. The World Health Organization (WHO) lists approximately four dozen different conditions that can be treated by acupuncture. The most common uses are:

Musculoskeletal: Arthritis, Bursitis, Back pain, Tendonitis, Muscle weakness, Strains/Sprains, Myofacial pain, and Post-operative pain.
Gastrointestinal: Colitis, Constipation, Diarrhea, Digestive problems, Hemorrhoids, and Liver conditions.
Gynecological and Genitourinary: Painful menstruation, Kidney problems, PMS, Cramps, Sterility and impotence, Cystitis, Menopausal syndrome, and Infertility.
Neurological: Bell’s Palsy, Headaches, Neuralgia, Numbness, Paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, Post-stroke Syndrome, Sciatica, Shingles, and Tremors.
Psychiatric: Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, and Nervous tension.
Respiratory: Allergies and Asthma.
Ear, Nose, Throat: Sinusitis, Nerve Deafness, Meniere’s disease, and Tinnitus.
Other: Addictions, Obesity, High Blood Pressure, and Fatigue.

In addition to being an acupuncturist, Chris also has an M.S. in Human Performance/Exercise Physiology. He bridges the gap between health care and fitness by specializing in clinically oriented exercise programs and the integration of acupuncture. Chris is experienced and qualified to assist clients with musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. Post-rehabilitative exercise and/or acupuncture programs provide a safe way to continue reconditioning after physical therapy. Programs can also help to improve existing range of motion limitations, as well as alleviating pain and various overuse conditions.

Chris really cares about helping you achieve your health goals. If you have any questions prior to your initial visit, please call us at (203) 775-1819.

Chris Chapleau, LAc, Dipl Ac, CES, is a practicing acupuncturist and is currently finishing the doctorate program in acupuncture at PCOM. He also possesses an MS in Human Performance and is certified in orthopedic/musculoskeletal acupuncture and Kampo herbal medicine. Chris combines Western knowledge & Eastern practice to help his clients be productive and energetic to meet the demands of daily life. Besides the traditional Eastern approach with acupuncture therapy, Chris integrates a Western biomedical approach to using acupuncture, trigger point therapy, manual, and movement therapy. His experience training himself and others for triathlons, Rucking, bike racing, MMA, and similarly demanding athletic endeavors uniquely prepares him to assist serious athletes in realizing top performance while preserving peak immune function, and general good health.

Specializing in acupuncture and exercise science, Chris integrates acupuncture into musculoskeletal rehabilitation therapy or fitness training for pain modulation, speedy recovery, and enhanced performance. Clients can choose to focus on one-on-one corrective exercise therapy, manual and massage therapy, or acupuncture. However, for best results, Chris recommends all three. Other modalities that he uses in therapy are acu-taping, herbal therapy, nutrition supplementation, cupping, guasha, and stretching techniques. The corrective exercise component is one-on-one body balancing management, focusing on strength and conditioning, post physical rehab – exercise therapy, integrative sport specific exercise, weight loss, core strengthening, dynamic lumbar stabilization, active recovery techniques, and myo-fascial release techniques. The acupuncture component focuses on sport injuries, myofascial pain, peripheral neuropathy, arthritis, facial rejuvenation, stress, smoking cessation, addiction detoxification program, weight management, sport recovery and performance.

Chris is the official acupuncturist and strength coach for Cannondale/fushionThink’s Stage 1 Cycling Team, and he is a CTSA Board Member.